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Tabriz 50Raj


Size: 206 x 297

Material: Wool

Pile: Flat

This rug is a unique and handmade product

Tabriz rug come from the eponymous city of Tabriz, which is located in the Azerbaijan province of Iran, far to the northwest of the country. The people who live here are called Asari and they are culturally closely connected to the people from Azerbaijan and Turkey. Rugs from Tabriz usually have a short and dense floor made of high-quality wool. The pattern is usually dominated by a central medallion with floral motifs. In addition, you can often find Tabriz rugs with a continuous pattern which is called "Mahi motif". Mahi means fish in Persian, and describes the small, like fish-looking symbols you can find in this pattern. Rugs from Tabriz are distinguished with the help of an additional quality designation. The categorization refers to the knot density per square metre. This is indicated by the so-called "Raj".The finest rugs with well over a million knots per square meter are called 80Raj. Rugs with a knot density of about 300,000-500,000 knots per m2 are labeled 40Raj.

40 Raj, corresponds to about 300,000 knots per m2

50 Raj, corresponds to about 500,000 knots per m2

60 raj, equivalent to about 750,000 knots per m2

70 raj, equivalent to approximately 1,000,000 knots per m2

80 raj, equivalent to approximately 1,300,000 knots per m2 (very rare!)

Tabriz 50Raj