163 x 258



Size: 163 x 258

Material: Wool

Pile: Middle

This rug is a unique and handmade product

The city of Shiraz is situated in the province of Fars. Shiraz' rich culture of endless gardens, the tombs of poets and the ruins of Persepolis, is one of Irans most important contemporary testimonies. Furthermore, Shiraz is an essential centre for nomad rugs. Different tribes of nomads, mainly Gashgai, live around the city of Shiraz. The rugs of these nomads are often traded as Shiraz rugs on the bazaar. The traditional design is a hexagon decorated with hooks, placed on a ground with smaller elements such as animals, plants, people and geometric designs, which are scattered throughout the background. Typical for a Shiraz rug is, that the warp which can be seen as fringes on both ends of the rug, is usually made out of wool, not cotton as in most other rugs. Shiraz often occurs in warmer colours as red, brown, dark blue and black.

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