172 x 244

Rizbaf Modern


Size: 172 x 244

Origin: Iran

Pile: High 

Gabbeh rugs are made by Gashghai and Lori nomads, who live in the province of Fars around the city of Shiraz. Gabbeh are mostly made of hand spun wool and dyed with natural colours. In the local language, Gabbeh is the name for a high pile rug, which most probably was meant to be used to sleep on already thousands of years ago. Classic Gabbeh are very colourful in imaginative geometric designs. Modern Gabbeh today occur mostly in plain and monochrome designs. But even today you’ll find a stylized pattern from nomad’s everyday life like goats, camels, dogs, plants or people in the rugs. The hand spun wool gives the rug a grainy but soft surface. Mostly rugs have natural cream, brown and grey tones, but one can also find vivid yellow, red or blue.

Gabbeh which have a high knot density and thus are very fine and valuable rugs are called "Rizbaf". Our modern Rizbaf are of super high quality and follow a contemporary aesthetic in design and colors. 

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