166 x 235

Nain 12La


Size: 166 x 235

Origin: Iran 

Pile: Low

Nain is one of the most famous rug-proveniences in Iran. Since100 years in Nain rugs are made with distinguished patterns and typical colour combinations. In most of the rugs, variations of cream, white and blue are characteristic colours.

Dominant are floral patterns whose contours are often accentuated with silk or mercerized cotton. Red or green colouring is rare.

Nain rugs are categorized according to number of threads from which the warp is twisted. The more threads were used the thicker the warp which results in fewer knots and ultimately to a lower knot density.

Nain 12La: The "Nain Davosda-La", has a warp which is made out of 12 basic threads with approx. 150,000 - 250,000 knots/sqm. 

Nain 9La: The "Nain No-La" has a finer texture with approx. 350.000 - 550.000 knots / sqm then the 12La 

Nain 6La: The "Nain Sisch-La" is one if the finest Persian rugs. The knotting density is approx. 850,000 - 1,200,000 knots / sqm. 

Even extremely fine 4La Nain can be found. Most of the Nain today come from East Iran.



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