209 x 280

Kelim Gashgai


Size: 209 x 280

Origin: Iran

Pile: Flat 

The Gashghai or Qashqai are Turkish speaking nomad tribes, who mainly live in the province of Fars, especially around the town of Shiraz in the southwest of Iran. Besides rugs, they also produce a large variety of flat woven Kelim made with the typical slit weave technique. This means that slits in the Kelim are part of the making procedure, especially when colours change. The technique implicates the structure of the motifs, which are mainly geometric — typical Kelim designs. The nomads do not follow a given design or template. They knot according to their memory and personal taste. The result is a large variety of designs and colours which only based on the individual taste and tradition of the weavers. An advantage of the slit Kelim technique is that you can use these flatweaves from both sides.

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