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Size: 206 x 316

Origin: Iran

Pile Materia: 100% virgin wool

Pile: Middle

This rug is a unique and handmade product

The famous rug provenance of Keshan or Kashan is located south of Tehran. Here, rugs are hand-knotted to the highest standards. Keshan was also one of the most important trading centers along the Silk Road in the history of the Persian Empire. Keshan rugs are known for the fact that the pile is knotted from very high-quality sheep's wool. The warp and weft are usually made of cotton, which makes the rug extremely sturdy. Often Keshan rugs show a large central medallion with floral ornaments, but all-over patterns are also popular. The colours are mostly traditional red, blue and beige tones.

This rug is from the Iran Carpet Company which you can identify via the signature in the top centre which says: "Sherkate Farsh".