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Ghoum Silk


Size: 197 x 299

Origin: Iran

Pile material: 100% silk

Pile: Middle

This rug is a unique and handmade product

Rugs from the city of Ghoum are absolutely luxurious classics. The city is located in the center of Iran, south of the capital Teheran. Ghom is known worldwide for its natural silk, which is often used in their rugs. Silk rugs from Ghom are among the most expensive Persian rugs you can buy today. The fine rugs have patterns from very different regions of Iran. However, the designs are predominantly floral. Medallions can be found, as well as intricately knotted hunting scenes. Wool rugs from Ghom usually have up to 600.000 knots/m2. Silk rugs can even have up to over 1.000.000 knots/m2.

Ghoum Silk