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Gabbeh Super Pile


Size: 207 x 299

Material: Wool

Pile: Very high

This rug is a unqiue and handmade product

Gabbeh rugs are made by Gashghai and Lori nomads, who live in the province of Fars around the city of Shiraz. Gabbeh are mostly made of hand-spun wool and dyed with natural colours. In the local language, Gabbeh is the name for a high pile rug, which most probably was meant to be used to sleep on already thousands of years ago. Classic Gabbeh are very colourful in imaginative geometric designs. The hand-spun wool gives the rug a grainy but soft surface.

These high piled Gabbeh have a very archaic and natural structure and appearance. The wool is not only handspun but also not cut at the end but intertwined so that the threads are particularly thick. The outstanding wool threads are up to 5cm long. The wool is dyed with natural colors.

Regarding maintenance, we advise vacuuming the rug thoroughly every week, as dirt particles can collect in the long pile.

Gabbeh Super Pile