222 x 354



Size: 222 x 354

Origin: Iran

Pile Material: 100% virgin wool

Pile: Middle

This rug is a unique and handmade product

Bidjar rugs originate from the city of the same name in western Iran. The city is mainly inhabited by Kurds, who can look back on a long tradition of rug weaving in this area. Bidjar rugs are known for being particularly robust and dirt-repellent. Since the rugs are knotted extremely tightly the pile stands vertically upwards, thus dirt particles hardly have a chance to penetrate the pile.

Thus, the Bidjar is guaranteed a long life. The rugs are usually decorated with the well-known Herati pattern.

The pattern is reminiscent of a flower with four leaves or small jumping fish, which is why it is also called Mahi (fish in Persian). As this pattern is a classic and modest pattern, Bidjar rugs are popular furnishing rugs, as they can easily be integrated anywhere.

This special piece is an old "Rose-Bidjar" most likely hand-knotted in a village close to the city of Bidjar.

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