108 x 186



Size: 108 x 186 

Origin: Iran

Pile: Middle 

Close to the Iranian-Afghan border live different nomadic tribes of different origin which are called the Belutch. They live from agriculture, rug production as well as sheep, goat and camel breeding. The Belutch rugs are closely related to Afghan and Turkmen rugs. They typically have wide borders, often in goat hair, and short woolen pile in dark brown and red, rust, blue, black and brown. A Belutch rug is characterized by all-over geometric patterns, stylized flowers and motifs like “Gul” - a distinctive octagonal pattern. The rugs have a high quality and are mostly dense, thin, and have a sloppy texture. They convey a feeling of genuine nomadic craftsmanship. They are usually made in smaller sizes and with a lively pattern. Belutch are often used as prayer rugs.

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