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Size: 166 x 227

Material: Wool

Pile: High

This rug is a unique and handmade product

The nomads of the Bakhtiari tribe live in the Sagros Mountains western of the city Isfahan and around the city Schahr-e-Kurd. The Bakthiar rugs are known for their long lasting durability and heavy weight due to the usage of especially strong and thick wool. A often used and well-known pattern is the so called „kheschti“, a garden pattern where the rug is divided in symmetrical fields which are filled with plant and animal motifs. This should symbolize the Persian garden, which plays an important role in the daily life of Iranians. A vivid and prosperous garden symbolizes wealth and is a big luxury. In motifs, you can find the popular Boteh, which has a lot of meanings, but in the floral contexts often symbolizes a cypress. Also mourning willows or vine tendrils are plants you’ll often discover. Furthermore you can often find plenty of rugs with a floral design, usually with a large medallion in the centre.