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Our Rugs

At Rugtales, we make sure, that each rug that we select complies with our principles. At the moment, we only offer handmade Persian rugs, as we have long-lasting and good relations to buyers and weavers whom we trust in terms of fabrication and quality. 


Our rugs are sustainable by nature. Each piece is handmade and the craftsmen who design and produce the rugs only use natural fibres from wool, cotton and/or silk. No synthetic fabrics are used or added.

Due to the elaborated weaving and knotting techniques, as well as the high quality in materials, Persian rugs are durable and therefore a long-lasting product you can pass on for generations.


Persian rugs have a century long tradition. Each rug is unique in design, colour, quality and size, made by skilled craftsmen and a result of traditions combined with the weaver‘s individual taste. Each provenience has it own characteristics in motifs, colours. The rugs are named after the proveniences they come from.

Rugtales rugs are made by weavers who continue the traditional craftwork of their ancestors and combine it with their own unique ideas and inspiration.

Read more about our rugs origins on the product detail pages.

100% Handmade

Every rug you can find at Rugtales is handmade. Handmade oriental rugs are individually made without drawings or models and will always have some variation in design, straightness, workmanship, colour or size.

Thus crooked parts or irregularities in colours are a proof for the rug‘s authenticity.

Our Size Codes

As already mentioned, all our rugs are handmade. A nomad or rug weaver from the city weaves his rug on a so-called loom. The approximate size is determined at the beginning but there is hardly ever a rug that is exactly 100 cm x 150 cm. Each carpet has a very individual size, but aims at common dimensions that are easy to set up.

For example the size 170 cm x 240 cm is ideal to put underneath a common dining table. The actual size can be 176 x 242 or 167 x 239.

To make it easier for you to find the right size, we have divided our carpets into size units.

In the table you will find an overview of our key sizes. 

Size Code Width Length
60 x 90 40 -70 cm 70 - 130 cm
100 x 150 85 -130 cm 135 - 175 cm
100 x 200 85 -130 cm 176 - 230 cm
150 x 200 126 -170 cm 176-230 cm
170 x 240 126 -170 cm 180 - 224 cm
200 x 300 180 - 230 cm 270 - 340 cm
250 x 350 231 - 280 cm 341 - 380 cm
Runner Runner formats can occur in any size from small to big variations
Square Square formats can occur in any size from small to big variations