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About us

Hi, Hello & Salam!

Us, thats Vida and Amin

Together with our sister Tara we were born and raised in the Hanseatic city of Hamburg. Both our parents are from Iran and with us, our family is already in the 6th generation in the rug business. Even our grandfathers had discovered the charm and the logistically clever starting point of Hamburg and settled down in the legendary Speicherstadt to import rugs from Iran and export them all over the world. Everything in the Speicherstadt was magical for us kids back then. The smell of spices, tea, coffee and rugs; the different people, the excitement of new arrivals; it was like a huge playground!

"We truly believe that handmade rugs deserve the respect of our generation, and if we do not discuss the future of this product, its heritage, tradition and uniqueness will slowly disappear."

"It is our deepest wish and true vision to bring these Rugtales closer to the customer by dusting off the aesthetic clichés of “grandmothers Persian rug”. We really hope to take you on this magical rug-journey with us!"

Although our father tried to escape his fate of working in the Persian rug business by becoming an ophthalmologist, it was inevitable that his love and passion for this product would draw him back to his father's business, which has been in operation since 1952. In the 90's he joined the import and export business and since then handmade Persian rugs have been an essential part of our lives. Jumping from pile to pile in Hamburg's enchanted Speicherstadt, sitting and playing on rugs in our children's room while listening to stories about their origins, the fascinating life of the Persian nomads and the meaning of the different patterns became everyday life for us. All this and many more "rugtales" have accompanied us throughout our lives. But as it usually is, what is right under your nose is uninteresting. So instead of joining our father's company, we first went our own ways. Vida graduated in fashion styling in Paris and completed her master's degree in sustainability in fashion in Berlin, where she has worked as a marketing manager for several digital fashion and furniture retailers in recent years. Amin started studying business and finished his master's degree in Madrid. Eventually we both decided to join the family business to pass on the "Rugtales" to our generation. Since society, needs and trends have changed since 1952, we decided to create our own brand to meet them: Rugtales.

Since August 1st the online store is live, where you can find rugs and kelim in all sizes, colors and patterns as well as places of origin. From colorful Kelim from the hand of the Gashgai nomads over modern vintage rugs, to finely knotted rugs from famous cities like Nain and Isfahan are available. It is important to us at Rugtales to offer something for every taste, while always maintaining a fair price-performance ratio. Each Rugtales rug is a handmade unique piece made of natural materials such as sheep wool and cotton. These Persian rugs have a centuries-old tradition and each rug is unique in design, color, quality and size, made by experienced weavers and the result of centuries-old traditions combined with the individual taste of the designer. All of our rugs currently come exclusively from Iran, as we have established close and trusting relationships with buyers and weavers here for many years. The selection of rugs available online is made by us and we only offer what we would put in our homes ourselves. New products are added every week and if you have any special requests regarding size, design or color, you can always write us.

Since time, society, needs and trends have changed since 1952 we decided to start our own brand with carefully handpicked rugs that match our taste.