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About us

Hi, Hello & Salam! Us, thats Vida and Amin

Together with our sister Tara we were born and raised in Hamburg. Our parents are Iranian and both of our grandfathers were well established in the rug business.

Although our father tried to escape his destiny to continue working in the Persian rug business by becoming an eye doctor, it was inevitable, that his love and passion for this product would drag him back to his father's business, which exists since 1952.

He joined the company in the 90s and ever since Persian rugs have been an essential part of our lives. Jumping from rug pile to rug pile in Hamburg’s magical warehouse district, sitting and playing on the rugs in our kid's room and closely listening to stories about their origin, the fascinating life of Persian nomads, the meaning of the rug’s patterns and designs.

All of this and many more rugtales accompanied us our whole life. As it is with most precious things in life, having them in front of you all along makes you take them for granted. Instead of joining our father’s company, we followed our own paths at first.

Vida completed her studies in Fashion Styling in Paris and finished her masters degree in ‘Sustainability in Fashion’ in Berlin where she worked as a Marketing Manager for digital fashion retailers for the past years.

Amin went off to study economics and finished his master programme in Madrid.

Since time, society, needs and trends have changed since 1952 we decided to start our own brand with carefully handpicked rugs that match our taste.

"It is our deepest wish and true vision to bring these Rugtales closer to the customer by dusting off the aesthetic clichés of “grandmothers Persian rug”. We really hope to take you on this magical rug-journey with us!"

"We truly believe that handmade rugs deserve the respect of our generation, and if we do not discuss the future of this product, its heritage, tradition and uniqueness will slowly disappear."