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We pass on our knowledge of the unique and authentic craftsmanship of traditional nomadic rugs with Rugtales. Learn more about the collections and find your unique piece.


Jeder unserer Teppiche ist einzigartig, hochwertig und auf Qualität von uns geprüft.


Die langwierige Vorauswahl von Teppichen haben wir für Sie übernommen.


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Gabbeh Sonnat

Gabbeh rugs are made by Gashghai and Lori nomads, who live in the province of Fars around the city of Shiraz. Gabbeh are mostly made of hand spun wool and dyed with natural colours. In the local language, Gabbeh is the name for a high pile rug, which most probably was meant to be used to sleep on already thousands of years ago. Classic Gabbeh are very colourful in imaginative geometric designs. Modern Gabbeh today occur mostly in plain and monochrome designs. But even today you’ll find stylized patterns from nomad’s everyday life like goats, camels, dogs, plants or people in the rugs. The hand spun wool gives the rugs a grainy but soft surface. Mostly rugs have natural cream, brown and grey tones, but one can also find vivid yellow, red or blue.

Rizbaf Modern

Gabbeh which have a high knot density and thus are very fine and valuable rugs are called "Rizbaf". Our modern Rizbaf are of super high quality and follow a contemporary aesthetic in design and colors.

Gabbeh Super Pile

These high piled Gabbeh have a very archaic and natural structure and appearance. The wool is not only handspun but also not cut at the end but intertwined so that the threads are particularly thick. The outstanding wool threads are up to 5cm long. The wool is dyed with natural colors.


Ein hamburger Familienunternehmen in der 6. Generation

Rugtales is run in the 6th generation by Vida ter Hazeborg and Amin Ipektchi. We pass on our knowledge of the unique,...


I'm so in love with my beautiful kelim- the natural material and earthy tones bring calmness and coziness to our living room and create just the right break to our modern interior. It's also sturdy, easy to clean, and easily keeps up with our three dogs. Thank you dear Rugtales team, I am thrilled!


Since I have my kelim, my bedroom has such a special energy! Not only Amin and Vida have the most beautiful and authentic rugs, but they also give vet professional advices to find the one that perfectly matches your room and your personality. Be careful, shopping at rugtales might get addictive!


We love our unique kelim! It brings colour to our living room and makes it a lot brighter and so much more interesting. Thank you for the great advice with picking one out and the swift delivery!


Timeless Tradition

Einzigartig, authentisch und nachhaltig

Höchste Handwerkskunst, die Individualität und Einzigartigkeit als Merkmal ihrer Qualität versteht.