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Rug Collections

We pass on our knowledge of the unique and authentic craftsmanship of traditional nomadic rugs with Rugtales. Learn more about the collections and find your unique piece.

Kelim & Sumak

Kelim & Sumaks are flat woven rugs with no pile. They're produced by tightly interweaving the warp and wefts strands of the weave. All our Kelim were designed and weaved by Iranian Nomads who originally produce them as objects of utility and decoration. Nomads like the Ghashgai who live in the northwest of Iran, decorate their homes with Kelim, eat and sleep on them and cover their camels and horses with the colorful flatweave. 

Nomadic Rugs

There are still multiple nomadic tribes living in Iran. Some of them have partially settled around villages and cities but they still use their traditional techniques to design and produce their rugs. Rugs from nomads living around Shiraz are known for smaller traditional motifs scattered throughout the background and warm colors. Rugs from Bakthiar persuade with floral garden motifs. All these handmade nomadic rugs are individually made without drawings or models.


Gabbeh are rugs with a high pile made by Gashgai and Lori nomads in the province of Fars. These rugs were used to sleep on since the high pile provides warmth. The grainy surface originates from the uneven, hand-spun and lanolin-rich wool. Gabbeh occur in natural colors but also in strong primary colors. Motifs are rare on Gabbeh, but they often represent things that surround nomads on a daily basis.

City Rugs

City Rugs are designed and produced in bigger Iranian cities and are known for their fine knotting and elaborated details. Moud, Sarough or Nain are known for motifs like curved medaillons, delicate floral motifs and a comparatively low pile. The wool used for city rugs is of a high standard. These rugs have up to 250 000 knots/ m². Unlike Nomadic Rugs, City Rugs often have a precise design and colour palette.


Vintage rugs originate from old Persian rugs that are being remodelled and redesigned. Iranian designers recycle old rugs as raw material for their art. Each rug is carefully selected and undergoes a process of washing and colour neutralisation. In a creative process parts of the pile are being removed or reduced to create a new design. Then the rug is dyed again. The result is a modern individual piece of art.


Each of our rugs is unique, of high quality and quality-controlled by us.


We have taken over the tedious pre-selection of rugs for you.

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Timeless Tradition

Unique, authentic and sustainable.

Exceptional craftsmanship that understands individuality and uniqueness as a feature of its quality.