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City Rugs

Rugs that we define as City Rugs, are designed and produced in bigger Iranian Cities and are known for their fine knotting and elaborated details. City rugs as Moud, Sarough or Nain are known for motifs like curved medaillons, delicate floral motifs and a comparatively low pile that can be imply subtle silk. The wool used for city rugs consists of a high and pure standard. Often these rugs have up to 250 000 knots per squaremeter. Unlike the rugs produced by nomads, City Rugs often have a precise design and colour palette to follow. 

Tabriz 50Raj

105 x 151



252 x 350


Nain 6la Habibian

206 x 317


Nain 6la Habibian
Sold Out
Nain 6la Habibian

207 x 316


Nain 12La
Sold Out
Nain 12La

166 x 235


Nain 12la

166 x 237


Nain 12la

165 x 242



263 x 370



222 x 354



203 x 306



200 x 300



215 x 324