102 x 145

Sumak Shahsavan


Size: 102 x 145

Origin: Iran

Pile: Flat

The Sumak Shahsavan is a variation of the flat woven Sumak, which are made in the weft wrapping technique. Shahsavan means “those who love the king”. The name refers to the nomadic tribe that guarded Iran's northern border under Shah Abbas the Great. The Shahsavan tribe is a confederation of several Turkish speaking tribes from different ethnic origins living in the north-western part of Iran. Their flatweaves are known for their unique craft, as it's very close to embroidery. In the front it appears embroidered, in the back, you can see the loose ends of the yarn. In general, geometric Caucasian designs on a background with small elements such as animals, people and plants etc. are traditional. Many of them have soft colours, almost pastel, combined with stronger tones as red or blue. Furthermore, the weavers sometimes use silk next to wool in their designs.  

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