158 x 258



Size: 158 x 258 

Origin: Iran

Pile: High 

The Gashgai are Turkish speaking nomad tribes, who mainly live in the province of Fars, especially around the city of Shiraz in the southwest of Iran. 
They produce Rugs, Kelim, bags, ribbons and decorative cloths for their daily use. 
Usually, the rugs have a typical reddish brown ground colour. The Gashgai take their daily environment as inspiration for their designs. Thus the motifs include stylized human figures, animals like horses and birds, as well as trees, flowers etc.. The nomads do not follow a given design or template, they knot according to their memory and personal taste. Often, the rugs have a medallion in the middle, which is then repeated in the corners. The Gashgai are known for high quality nomadic rugs.

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